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McFARLANE LAW is a Tax Dispute Resolution & Litigation Law Firm

  • Experience – Former IRS Litigation Attorney
  • Background – 28 years Practicing Tax Law & Resolving Tax Problems
  • Legal & Tax Education – J.D. & Master’s Degree in Tax Law

The IRS has its attorneys and tax law experts, and it is important you have professional assistance, too; both to insulate you from direct contact with the Revenue Agents and Revenue Officers; but also to correctly walk your through the thicket of IRS procedures and rules that are foreign to taxpayers, some CPAs, and most non-tax attorneys.

One wrong answer or failure to respond in a timely manner to IRS Notices and requests can result in significant tax and/or penalties determined against you.

We can chart a strategic course through the complicated tax issues, represent you before the IRS (or associate competent CPA assistance), and reach a reasonable resolution to your tax problems.

McFARLANE LAW – A Tax Litigation Law Firm

Tax law matters can be complicated, we are here to assist you with every aspect of your tax issues.

We help you resolve your tax problems. The Tax Code is uncertain, daunting, often complicated, and constantly changing. We represent you professionally, honestly, and with integrity.

McFARLANE LAW – A Tax Litigation Law Firm is an Arizona-based law firm that provides high quality, reasonably priced, and personalized representation to primarily small businesses and individuals in the areas of tax litigation, tax appeals, and tax administrative level interaction with the IRS and the Arizona Department of Revenue.

We represent clients before federal and state administrative agencies, Superior Court, the Arizona Tax Court, and US Tax Court, and all administrative levels in between. Although located in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area, McFARLANE LAW represents clients statewide.v

If you have been contacted by the IRS or ADOR, before you respond call McFARLANE LAW – A Tax Law Firm.

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