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Representing You in Tax Court

Typically, only an attorney can represent you before the U.S. Tax Court. The U.S. Tax Court is stationed in Washington, D.C., but its judges travel to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and other cities across the country several times a year to hear U.S. Tax Court cases.

McFARLANE LAW has extensive experience in trying tax court cases.  Mr. McFarlane is fully qualified to prepare your petition, the accompanying required documents, and represent you before the US or Arizona Tax Courts.

Do You Want to Go to Tax Court?

When I started to a learned Louisiana man that I would like to witness a hurricane, he grew ashen and stated, “You do not want to experience a hurricane.” Tax Court is a similar situation. It is litigation, and by nature, is tumultuous and unpredictable. Nevertheless, sometimes an issue needs to be litigated. We at McFARLANE LAW – Your Tax Litigation Law Firm have years of experience handling Tax Court litigation in a competent and effective manner.  Mr. McFarlane has tried over 60 cases before the U.S. Tax Court.  While we prefer to resolve tax issues administratively, before the need for filing a Tax Court Petition, McFARLANE LAW is the “go-to” Tax Law Firm when it comes to tax litigation.

When cases are not settled at the IRS Audit or IRS Office of Appeals level, taxpayers have the right to petition the Tax Court. Although a taxpayer may appear pro per (self-representing), it is recommended that a U.S. Tax Court Petitioner seek an experienced Tax Court litigator. After all, the government has their cadre of attorneys and experts, taxpayers should also be competently represented.  Tax Court rules and procedure are different from superior court and other courts of law.  Therefore it is important to engage a tax litigation lawyer. McFARLANE LAW is a Tax Law Firm.  We have the experience in U.S. Tax Court to effectively handle your Tax Court case. We are Tax Court litigators located in  Phoenix/Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona, but able to practice before the U.S. Tax Court in any state.

Our primary review of any case is to determine if an early and favorable resolution to the case is possible. Because Tax Court litigation holds a degree of risk, even with the best of facts and law, it is sometimes expedient to settle. We can analyze your facts and circumstances and advise as to whether Tax Court litigation holds the most favorable means to resolve your case.

For Instance, sometimes, the best strategy is to push the government “toward the Tax Court steps” in the attempt to obtain a “favorable” or at least a “more reasonable” resolution. Sometimes there is no good solution, so taxpayers must work for the next best option. We at McFARLANE LAW – Your Tax Litigation Law Firm have the knowledge of the tax laws and procedures, and the experience in Tax Court, and before administrative agencies to effectively handle your tax case and analyze the hazards of proceeding to Tax Court.

The U.S. Tax Court is a traveling court, meaning the Court travels to various cities from its Washington DC home base. The many judges are assigned cases in different cities across the country. Sometimes, cases need to go before the U.S. District Court (or the First Circuit Court of Claims) to try your tax matter. The procedures are different for the various Courts.  For example, in order to qualify for District Court, you must first exhaust your administrative remedies and pay the disputed tax.

We at McFARLANE LAW - A Tax Litigation Law Firm – understand the intricate procedures and can effectively handle your Tax Court or District Court case. We are conveniently located in the Phoenix / Scottsdale, Maricopa County, area of Arizona, but can handle cases across the United States.

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