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If you are facing an audit of your business or personal income tax return, you may be wondering whether you should hire an attorney to represent you. The answer is, it depends. At the law firm McFARLANE LAW, PLC, in Scottsdale, Arizona, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and give you an honest answer. We analyze your case to determine whether you need a tax attorney to assist in the audit, or whether it would be more efficient to have a CPA or accountant handle the audit.

There is always a risk when you discuss your tax situation with an IRS Revenue Agent or state tax authority. You could end up disclosing information that could result in a significant tax liability or even criminal charges. If the issue concerns employment tax or Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT), you could be held personally liable for the taxes if the business is unable to immediately pay. To protect yourself from serious consequences, it’s best to consult a professional.

Representing You Before State and Federal Tax Authorities

Only certain licensed or enrolled persons can represent you before the IRS or Arizona tax authorities. Your tax representative must be a licensed attorney, a certified public accountant or an enrolled agent. An ordinary tax preparer cannot represent you beyond a certain point of the audit, so it is always better to consult a tax attorney who can direct you to the correct person. The advantage of hiring a tax lawyer is that you are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Anyone who is not an attorney (including a CPA) may be forced to testify against you or provide information about your record-keeping and finances to the government.

Our lawyers are fully qualified to represent you in tax audits. We understand the administrative procedures for tax audits, and are able to take your case to appeals and file protests that may occur after the audit.

Representing Tax Return Preparers Against the IRS

With newly enacted laws, the IRS now has enhanced powers to pursue tax return preparers it deems to have defrauded the government in the preparation of tax returns. If you are a tax return preparer and have been contacted by the IRS, call us immediately and before you answer any questions.

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