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Can I object to a denial or rejection of my OIC?

Yes! A taxpayer has the right to object to the denial of an offer-in-compromise application and any other tax assessment or collection action, including the appeal of a proposed Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, the imposition of federal tax liens or levies, or a Revenue Officer's rejection of an installment agreement. But importantly, the appeal must be timely. It must follow IRS procedures and it should be drafted in a manner that will facilitate the resolution of the case. Stephen McFarlane has over 25 years of dealing with the IRS and ADOR procedures, forms, time constraints, and drafting requests for collection due process (CDP) appeals.

If you wish to object or protest a determination of a revenue agent or revenue officer, call McFarlane at Tel. 480.991.0032.

Normally, the OIC Reviewer will call the POA to discuss the Reviewer’s findings and grant the POA and taxpayer the right to present additional documentation or argument prior to issuing their written determination. If there is still an objection, the taxpayer is given a limited period of time to request a Collection Due Process hearing. If this time period is missed, the Revenue Officer can proceed with collection action, including levy, garnishment of wages, summonses, and seizure of assets.

Why Hire a Tax Attorney? [LINK] Putting a layer of insulation between yourself and the Revenue Officer is advisable for many reasons. McFARLANE LAW represents taxpayers in their objections to an administrative agent’s determinations. McFarlane directly negotiates with the Appeals Settlement Officer in order to obtain a reasonable resolution based on the facts and supporting documents.

If resolution is still not reached, McFarlane can represent you before and beyond the administrative appeal levels of the IRS to the US Tax Court or US District Court. McFarlane has years of experience as an Assistant District Counsel Litigation Attorney, and has practiced before the IRS personnel/agents for more than 25 years. He has the important personal relationships and familiarity with policy and procedure to effectively resolve your tax problems. Why hire a marketing tax problem outfit when you can engage a tax attorney who is effective.

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